Revolutionizing Injection Port safety with Our Patented Innovative Device

All At-Risk Injection Ports Can Now Be Safeguarded by an Innovative Approach


Introducing our cutting-edge flagship medical device, engineered to prevent injection errors and redefine safety standards

Versatile Compatibility

Our device is compatible with all types of small-bore connectors used in intravascular, hypodermic, and neuraxial applications such as Luer lock and Luer slip connectors, stopcocks, syringes, etc.

Simplicity at Its Best

just connect to any ports that you are worried about. It is simple … like connecting stopcocks to the ports. you can administer medications or get blood samples as in the past. There is no need for a tutorial

All-in-One Solution

You don’t need to provide another port for sampling or administration. By connecting the device you can administer medication intentionally, wash out the line or get a blood sample … with full awareness

Your Safety, Our Priority

At MedSinu, we understand the weight of responsibility healthcare professionals carry for their patients’ well-being. We know that even a small distraction can have big consequences. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding simple solutions to make your job safer and easier. We’re working hard to raise the bar for safety, so you can focus on what matters most; providing excellent care to your patients.

  • No more worries about arterial and epidural lines during night shifts, even when you’re exhausted.

  • Healthcare providers can feel at ease knowing students in academic facilities are protected from injection errors.

  • Don’t worry about the shift change and any missing information, such as details about a patient’s arterial line, that your previous shift colleague may have overlooked.

Our team is committed to minimizing errors in medical practice

Javad Hajizadeh

Founder and CEO

Mani Safabakhsh

Chief Technical Officer

Saeedeh Mazaherynia

R&D Manager

Sanaz Ghasemzadeh

Chief Marketing Officer

Nastaran Salehi

Chief Operating Officer

If you’re a healthcare professional concerned about unintentional intra-arterial or accidental intra-epidural injections …

Our device offers a solution you can trust. inSafeJection ensures a heightened level of safety in your practice, allowing you to focus on other demanding aspects of your job. With our technology, human errors regarding wrong-route injections become a thing of the past.”

According to a National Survey

98% of

healthcare staff

Emphasized the importance of having a device that prevents wrong-route drug administration and arterial line infections.

28% of


Reported they experienced wrong route drug injection into arterial line in ICU departments.



Suffered moderate to severe adverse events when experiencing unintentional intra-arterial injection.