From Vision to Innovation: The Story Behind MedSinu‘s Journey

When Javad, a nurse anesthetist who had worked in hospitals for years, found that current approaches did not prevent wrong-route injections, he invented a new innovative device to tackle this problem completely. Through years of working in operating rooms in various hospitals and settings, he discovered other innovative approaches in medical practice. Interested in offering these innovative products to the world, he founded MedSinu with a great management team to become a global player in the medical device industry.

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Safeguarding Patients and Clinicians, Prioritizing Quality: MedSinu’s Mission Statement

We firmly believe that ensuring the safety of both patients and clinicians is a fundamental right. Therefore, we are working diligently to achieve this goal.

At MedSinu, we prioritize the creation of high-quality products that solve problems, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. Our focus is not solely on maximizing profits but rather on delivering valuable solutions. We believe that this approach will ultimately lead to profitability.


Our Team

Introducing the Leadership Team

“Having worked in hospitals for years as a medical practitioner and witnessing both the pain and happiness of patients, I strongly believe that my primary responsibility is to alleviate their suffering through innovative methods and products.”

Javad Hajizadeh, CEO

Javad Hajizadeh

Founder and CEO

Mani Safabakhash

Chief Technical Officer

Saeedeh Mazahernia

Co-founder and R&D Manager

Sanaz Ghasemzadeh

Chief Marketing Officer

Nastaran Salehi

Chief Operating Officer